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What Happens After Your Nomination?after nomination

Greater exposure for your company elevates your profile with the public and the Social Media network. Our campaigns are designed to drive the public to your door.

Our programs are designed to create a "BUZZ" through word-of-mouth - the primary purpose of the Trivia part of the campaign.

Trivia Questions

We articulate your Best-Kept Secrets in the form of Trivia Questions. And the answers to the Trivia Questions are Your Best-Kept Secrets.

Although, this is just the Beginning...
We congratulate you on your nomination and we invite you to allow us to elevate your already high standards, and enjoy the well-earned recognition of being counted as one of . . . Edmonton's Best-Kept Secrets!

Best-Kept Secrets Award Seal 2013Best-Kept Secrets Award Seal 2013Best-Kept Secrets Award Seal 2013