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Revealing Your Best-Kept Secrets

TriviaDuring the qualifying interview process, BKS will uncover what makes your company noteworthy and distinctive.

Your Best-Kept Secrets will be presented in the form of trivia questions integrated throughout various marketing platforms.

Why Trivia Questions?

This newly acquired knowledge in the form of trivia insights becomes a source of enlightenment promoting the facts about your corporate history.

The Trivia Questions will be profiled throughout the campaign as skill testing Questions where the correct answers will award incentives and discounts to consumers. The answers to the trivia questions about your company are YOUR BEST-KEPT SECRETS. 

These trivia insights about your Best-Kept Secrets become the catalyst to a Word-Of-Mouth Campaign about your prestige and distinctions.

Best-Kept Secrets Award Seal 2013Best-Kept Secrets Award Seal 2013Best-Kept Secrets Award Seal 2013